If your group/organization would like to do a "supply drive" to donate to the Teachers' Warehouse and you would like more information, please feel free to contact us through our website.

Budgets for schools are always limited and teachers often have to spend their own money to support both the educational activities and the underprivileged children in their classrooms.

The Teachers' Warehouse stocks a wide variety of products in our free store such as traditional school supplies like pens, pencils, glue, crayons, paper and notebooks along with some non-traditional items like carpet squares, fabric, paint and recyclables. The majority of new, surplus, slightly damaged or gently used goods items have been donated from the community either through an individual, company, or organized supply drive. 

Current Needs:
scotch tape, masking tape, pink erasers, adult scissors, construction paper, craft sticks and electric pencil sharpeners

Please do not throw anything away without thinking of us first!

The following items CANNOT be accepted:

•Food items •Computers •Clothing •Magazines or Newspapers •Encyclopedias
•Textbooks prior to 2018 or College Textbooks or Textbook Sample Sets or teacher made files 
•Reading books before 2010 (unless classic)  
•Glass Recyclables (except canning or baby food jars)

The Teachers' Warehouse of Johnson County is sponsored by: Teachers' Warehouse 501c-3, Warrensburg R6 School District and Arwood's Furniture & Gifts.