Word Processing Online Module

Word Processing in the Classroom

Word processing is such a fundamental application that it is not always easy to find innovative ideas for integrating it into the curriculum. Obviously students use a word processor to create most of their written work, but some of the features of Word allow for more creative student products. Word docFor example, in Word you can create template documents, which can then be used by students to create documents that are personalized, but yet they have a common structure. Word's powerful image features allow students to create professional looking brochures, advertisements, and flyers. 

Below are a few web sites to help you get started searching for ideas for using word processing in your curriculum.

Technology Lesson Plans

Word Lesson Plans

In addition, please view the documents attached below. The first one is a non-comprehensive list of integration ideas, the second one is a handout outlining some of the lesser-known features of Microsoft Word, and the third is a checklist to see how many features you are familiar with (and could give you some ideas for your research!). 

Next, conduct research online to learn more about the creative ways that this technology (Word Processing) is being used by other teachers of your specific subject area and grade level. The main idea is that you focus your research on YOUR specific grade levels and/or subjects. Be sure to type your thoughts, summarize the important ideas, and paste the addresses of relevant sites that you have found into a Word document as you do this, so that you have this information at your fingertips later. 

Now, create a Word document that you can use as a teacher (either for your students or for their parents). It would be best if this were an sample document to show your students as an example of what you expect them to create as part of a lesson. This document can be a brochure or other similar document that would have a variety of graphic and formatting elements. It should be at least one full page and at the very minimum it should include the following Word elements: 

  • Word Clip Art
  • an image from the web
  • Word Art
  • 2 or more columns
  • at least one text box
  • at least one auto shape with text in it
  • several fonts, formatted differently
  • at least one table

You will submit your created Word document as a file upload to the following form: