Lesson Video Showcase 2016-17

Each participant in Year Two of the T3 Program develops and implements at least one Authentic Lesson incorporating technology within their curriculum.

Click the links below to view their fabulous reflection videos!

School Year 2016-2017:

Stashia Allcorn- MW 4th grade

You Be The Government

This lesson is designed for fourth grade government. Students are divided into the three branches of government and given a task to complete.

Mandy Applegate- MG 1st grade

U.S Symbols- America the Beautiful

This lesson is designed for a 1st grade classroom and covers the U.S symbols. Students research using Pebble Go and share their information by making an iMovie.

Hannah Behler- HS Math

Probability Project- What Are Your Chances?

This lesson is designed for a high school math class and covers probability. Students create a carnival game and presentation that shows the probability of winning their game.

Amanda Bliss- ST SpEd

Kaitlin Bolton- MS Art

8th Grade Art for a Cause Project

Students created a project about a local, national, or global issue. They learned how art can teach and influence others as well as spread awareness about important causes. The project involved research, media pod exploration, mini critiques, presentations, artist statements, and lots of reflecting and learning!

Cody Bradfisch- HS SS

2016 Presidential Election

My students learned about the differences between the Democratic and Republican Party, they watched campaign ads, completed a political compatibility quiz, created a campaign poster in support of their candidate, and finally they voted! Hope you enjoy!

Aaron Conklin- HS SpEd

  • Bullying Student Survey 
  • Students composed a survey of 10 questions addressing the prevalence and forms of bullying at Warrensburg High School and administered to their peers.

Kristie Dickey-RV Counselor

2nd Grade Career Paths

The 2nd grade students at Ridge View worked together in small groups to research 1 of the 6 career paths to create posters which included job opportunties and qualities of people working in the path as well as training needed for these careers. Students presented with their groups the information they had learned to their class. 

Scott Maple- MW Music

This lesson is about how to use technology to compose a melody in 5th Grade. iPads, iMovie, and the Camera app are all used. Enjoy!

Marissa Moberly- MG 2nd grade

This lesson is designed for 2nd grade writing, specifically pursuasive writing. Students write and film a presidential campaign speech in front of a green screen. iPads, DoInk app, and green screen material are required for this lesson. Good luck!

Tanya Thompson- MG SpEd

My PBL lesson is designed for elementary students who are working on finding and spelling sight words. This projects involves students taking pictures while doing a scavenger hunt around the school while looking for sight words. 

Amy Weldon- ST Music

My PBL project included a recorder performance organized and performed by a 5th grade class. Our goal was to share a piece of what we do in music class with our community and beyond. So, we performed our concert on Facebook LIVE.