Technology Training for Teachers (T3) Program

Technology Training for Teachers

Warrensburg School District


"T" to the 3rd Power!

The T3 program is a model for effective professional development that focuses on integrating technology within the existing curriculum. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators have come to expect technology integration in the classroom as a component of quality education, and teachers in their first and second years in the district are required to attend a specific number of training sessions to meet this expectation.

Based on the district's Instructional Technology Performance Benchmarks for Teachers and inspired by ISTE's National Technology Standards for Teachers, this is an extensive professional development program for all teachers in their first and second years with the district. Year One participants attend a series of workshops focusing mainly on basic technology skills and how technology can support authentic learning. For Year Two participants, the focus shifts to integrating technology into the curriculum, with a plan for designing and implementing technology-infused activities with students.