How Does it Work?

Components of the Parents As Teachers Program:

Personal Visits

PAT certified Parent Educators, trained in child development and home visiting, offer personal visits to each family with children up to kindergarten entry. The educators help parents understand each stage of their child's development and offer practical tips on
ways to encourage learning. Parents discover that simple, everyday activities -
feeding time, a game of peek-a-boo, or a trip to the store - are all opportunities to develop their child's basic skills and strengthen their relationship.


PAT offers periodic screenings for 3-5 year old children concerning their overall development, language, hearing, and vision. Children ages birth through 3 are screened in their home during a personal visit. The goal is to provide early detection of potential problems to prevent difficulties later in school.

Group Connections

Parents will have the opportunity to share experiences, discuss common concerns, and gain insights into parenting through exploring topics of interest. PAT partners with local community organizations and plans group activities to encourage social connections.

Resource Network
Families are connected with a network of community resources to bridge the gap of available resources and family's needs.