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School Health Services

The School Health Services team supports the Warrensburg school community by providing services and resources that encourage health and wellness for all students and staff.

The Warrensburg School Health Services team is a professional group of nurses who aid children and youth in developing to their fullest potential. This service is designed to promote each student's optimal health status thereby enabling them to take full advantage of educational opportunities.

The school nurses provides the necessary professional expertise so that health needs can be assessed, identified and monitored. The long-term focus of the Health Services team is on optimal wellness for all students and staff members.

The R-VI Nursing team consists of four Registered Nurses, four Licensed Practical Nurses, and a Health Aide.


Health Advocacy for Warrensburg Children

Our main objective is to assist each student in achieving and maintaining optimal health so that maximal physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth can occur.

We invite you to join us in making this goal a reality.
Together we can do it.

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Poison Help

On behalf of the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) and their 66 poison centers across the country, a new national toll-free poison help number is now in service.
Missouri Poison Center