Visuals are a must!!!!!!

Visuals are a must!!!!!!
Posted on 09/13/2016

Happy School Year 2016-2017! Hope you are off to a great start! Here a few tips on adding MORE VISUALS to your classroom to help your students grow leaps and bounds! 

Great site for teaching student social skills with visual cues: 

Visual labels: Great tool I used back in my days as a parent educator and something I see missing from early childhood and young elementary classes--big index cards with words labeling each and everything in your room. Seeing the word as it is verbally stated will increase the student's vocabulary and overall verbal skills. Label away and repeat, repeat, repeat! 

Have your visual tools printed, laminated and ready! Behavior maps, compromise visual and tons of other resources can be found and printed directly from this site. Check out the "Behavior Forms" today!