Reward Charts

Do you think of stickers each time you hear "Reward Chart"? Well, think again!  Here are some clever and easy ways to reward your entire class and individual students! Be Visual!!! Seeing our bank account numbers on payday works for us! 

I often ask teachers, students, and parents to use a paper form behavior plan. Mrs. Ritter took that form a step further by incorporating a self-monitoring tool for the student. When he has rough times, he would draw a bump in the road on his plan. This visual helps remind him that he had the issue but it is now over and he can move on. Great idea!



When making a plan for a student, include multiple ways to redirect. I like a verbal first, then some sort of touch and/or teacher proximity to the student, with the third redirect involving some nonverbal signal that the teacher and student can use. Sometimes we exhaust ourselves and the kids with verbal. Attached is a simple sign that we used for a student at Ridgeview. We shared this picture with all the staff so everyone was on the same page. 



I visited a class today who had earned a "Stuffed Animal" party by getting enough "Warm Fuzzies." Each student wanted me "feel" their animal and tell me about it. The teacher shared that it works in her advantage as well because later in the day she has the students write a story about their animal and they read alound to their animals. A win win situation! Thanks, Mrs. Shaffer, for this easy reward that all students will love! PS--she brings a few extras from home just in case some students forget! 

Here are some great visuals to help kids see how to earn their rewards!

Visuals are key to rewards plans but try to make them fun and flexible for students. Here are some examples!

Taking the school-wide reinforcement program (Tiger Bucks) into direct rewards for your classroom and making it visual!