Medication Policy

When short-term illnesses require the use of medication, parents should arrange to have the child take the medication before and after school at home. However, the Warrensburg R-VI Board of Education recognizes that some students may require medication for chronic or short-term illness during the school day to enable them to remain in school. While parents carry the primary responsibility for their child's health, they may delegate some of this responsibility to school personnel who may or may not be health care professionals.

Many students are able to attend school because of the effective use of medication in the treatment of illness and disabilities. Since some medication regimens necessitate the administration of medication during school hours, safe and effective administration of medication requires adherence to the district policy by everyone.

Basic medication administration protocols:

1. The medicine must be brought to the Health Room by the parent/guardian.

2. The medicine must be in the original pharmacy labeled bottle. This prescription label will serve as the physician's order if it includes:

  • The student's name
  • The current date
  • The name of the medicine
  • The time to give the medicine
  • The exact dose of the medicine to give

Please ask your pharmacist to prepare one bottle for school with the number of doses your child will need to take at school. It cannot be transported back and forth on the bus. The district will not administer the first dose of any medication. Medication will be stored in a locked cabinet.

3. The parent/guardian must sign a request form asking the school district to comply with the physician's orders. This may be done when the parent delivers the medication to the Health Room.
Note: The physician's signature is only necessary when the medicine is not in the pharmacy labeled bottle (i.e. over-the-counter drugs or samples). We will accept a faxed order from a physician

*********************************************************************************************************************Medication Medication administration request forms are available in each school Health Room. You may sign the form when you deliver the medicine to the Health Room.

Emergency medication may be left in the Health Room for chronic or emergency situations. Specific written instructions must be provided as to when and under what circumstances such medication is to be given. An IHP (Individualized Healthcare Plan) is also required for each child with emergency medication, such as insulin or an Epi-Pen. Please arrange an appointment with the District School Nurse by calling 747-7823. We will prepare an Action Plan together to have on file in the Health Room.

Inhalers may be hand-carried by the student if approved for self-administration by the physician, parent and School Nurse. Please ask for the proper form in the Health Room. A back-up inhaler must be supplied for use in the Health Room in case the child forgets or loses the hand-carried inhaler. An Asthma Action Plan must be on file in the Health Room.