Combing Hair

This is the Help You've Been Looking For!

The National Pediculosis Association® Inc., is proud to present the LiceMeister® combing tool.
So ... what's a LiceMeister® combing tool?
For starters, it's NOT just another lousy nit comb.

It's the first and only nit and lice removal comb to carry the NPA name. The LiceMeister® combing tool will revolutionize the
mechanical removal of head lice and their nits, making it possible to get it right the first time.

"Bringing the LiceMeister® combing tool to the public and the children is the proudest moment in our 18 year history," says NPA
President, Deborah Z. Altschuler. "And we're celebrating!"

This tool has been tested on real kids with real lice by real moms. The LiceMeister® combing tool enables parents to screen
regularly, detect head lice early, and deal with them as safely and effectively as possible.