Health Services Information

Student Health Summary:
The school district will maintain an individual health record for all students, including a complete health summary and immunization record supplied by parent or legal guardian. This health summary will be filled out at the time of enrollment and updated yearly or as information changes. The health summary should include any significant information such as chronic illness, any medication taken by the child (at home or school) or any known allergy. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to make sure this health summary is kept current and complete. When there is a change in the student's health status it is vital that the health office receive this information promptly.

Special Health Care Needs:
All students have been guaranteed access to appropriate educational services under the Individuals with Disabilities Act. For students who have significant health conditions, the Director of Health Services will work with the student, family, and other health care professionals in preparing a written Individualized Healthcare Plan (I.H.P.) for meeting any special needs the student may have at school. Please contact the Health Services Director at 747-7823 if you feel your child would benefit from this service or if you have any questions.

Health Screening:
The school district will provide screening assessment in vision and dental at age appropriate intervals to identify any potential health problems that would interfere with learning. These screens DO NOT take the place of your child's regular check up with your family physician and dentist.

A student who participates in competitive athletics must have a physical examination year prior to participation, and are good for two years. Physical and dental examinations are requested of all students entering kindergarten, fifth grade and those new to our school district. It is recommended that all students entering Kindergarten receive a professional eye exam by a physician or optometrist Health forms may be obtained from the school office or the doctor's office.

First Aid for Injury or Illness:
The school district will give temporary first aid for injuries and sudden illness occurring at school.
The district health rooms are supervised by a RN. The schools are staffed by 4 Registered Nurses (RNs), 4 Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and 1 Health Aide with on-going First Aid and CPR/AED training.

All schools have access to the Health Services Director for emergencies or referrals. If the student becomes ill at school and needs to go home, a parent/guardian will be notified and asked to pick the student up promptly since the district's responsibility is only for initial first aid and to comfort the student until additional treatment can be secured by the parent/guardian. We must have current, local emergency numbers in case the parent/guardian cannot be located.

The student may enroll but is not allowed to attend until proof of immunization compliance is verified and a copy of the record is on file in the health room.

Satisfactory evidence of immunization consists of:
1. An original record from a physician or health facility that verifies type of vaccine and month, day and year of administration. The record must contain the student's legal name and correct date of birth.
2. A current in-progress card with next appointment date indicated.
3. A medical or religious exemption card (a medical exemption card is obtained through and signed by a physician and a religious exemption card is obtained through the state Bureau of Immunizations by calling 573-751-6124, please allow 3 weeks for delivery, and must be signed by the parent).