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Starting Points
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Specific Content Area Sites :
Application Sites
(Image Editing, Graphing, Calculators, Productivity, etc.)
Artistic Creativity Sites
(Creating Music, Art, etc.)
Student Publishing Sites
(Blogging, Poetry, Stories, etc.)
Collaboration Sites
(Online projects, Keypals, Email, etc.)

Miscellaneous Simulations
(Solve Crimes, Conduct Research, etc.)

Starting Points
(Interdisciplinary Portals for Interactive Sites)

Shodor Curriculum Materials

Teacher Tap: Interactive Websites, Games, and Activities

Jefferson County Schools - Interactive Web Sites

Internet4Classrooms - Grade Level Skills Help Pages

HomeSchoolMath Interactive Sites

Melissa Anderson Interactive Sites

PBS Kids

Syvum Online Activities for Kids
Math, English, word problems, etc.
This site has links to thousands of interactive resources (as well as lesson plans and other stuff).

Lots of interactive math, language arts, and geography activities. for Kids
Lots of interactive games and quizes for kids (all subjects).

Houghton Mifflin Education Place
A textbook site, but has many activities.

Enchanted Learning
LOTS of activities here, for every subject.

Arcademic Skill Builders
Research-based and standards-aligned free educational math games and language arts games.

This one is really different because here teachers use Quia's free tools to create your own Internet-based educational activities like online flashcards, quizzes, matching games, word search puzzles, hangman games, and TV-game-show-style trivia games. Best of all, these activities can all be customized with the teacher's own content.

Application Sites

Applications: Online Graphing and Charting

Plotting 2D and 3D Graphs with gnuplot

Create A Graph (from Kids Zone)
Allows you to create five different kinds of graphs. Lots of customization features!


Online Function Grapher

Applications: Online Image Editing

One of the most advanced online image editors. An astounding set of tools, and you do NOT have to sign up for an account! Be sure to try out the EASY mode, if the regular mode seems too complex.

A fun way to create high quality artistic images with your photos.

Another highly advanced online image editor.

20 Great Online Image Editors
This blog describes tewenty cool sites for online image editing!

Allows you to upload and edit both JPEG and GIF images. Lots of cool tools!

This site actually allows you to edit animated GIFs! For example, you can make the background of an animated GIF transparent. If you are starting with a JPEG and you want to make the background transparent, the you can select to have the site convert the file to a GIF as it is uploaded.

Very impressive basic image editing tools, and it accepts images up to 10 MB in size!

Applications: Online Text and Image Creation

Flaming Text
Create headings, text buttons, etc.

Cool Text
Create headings, text buttons, etc.

Applications: Online Word Processing

These online word processing and spreadsheet sites require you to create an account so that you can access your own personal documents. The ones listed here are free.

Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Zoho Writer


G Office

Applications: Online Calculators
Calculators for every need! Online Calculators

Martindale's Calculators Online Center
Check it out... over 22,000 different online calculators!

Also: Learn Excel


Artistic Creativity

Artistic Creativity: Art

PBS Kids Coloring Activities

Offers a selection of online pictures to color, each with its own palette.

Artistic Creativity: Music

PBS Kids Music Activities

Children's Music Workshop

Creating Music

National Arts Center - Musical Activities and Games

Artistic Creativity: Comics and Animation

Read Write Think Comic Creator
This one is made specifically for students and teachers. Includes numerous lesson plans as well as this interactive comic creator.

Easy to use online comic strip creator. Beware... some of the contributed examples here are not kid-appropriate! Just have students go straight to the creator.

Student Publishing Sites

Acrostic Poems
Read acrostic poems and share your own.

The Environmental Art and Poetry Gallery

Fern's Poetry Club

Story Book


Online Student Publishing and Writing Resources
And still more sites.

Collaboration Sites

An incredible site for bringing students together, no matter what country they are from. Allows you to find partner classes and provides safe email accounts for students.
Provides safe, school friendly email communication for students, for carrying out collaborative projects.

Education World - Collaborative Projects
Another collection of links to online collaborative projects.

Internet Projects Registry
Another very good directory of online collaborative projects.

Class2Class - Math Projects

Collaborative Math and Science Projects

The Globe Program - Science Projects

Collaborative Science Projects

TEAMS Educational Resources - Collaborative Internet Projects

Global Virtual Classroom
This fun, innovative program brings together primary and secondary students in a unique and stimulating environment that simulates a real classroom. Your students can learn to:
- communicate and work with people from different cultures
- improve typing, language proficiency and writing skills
- research, analyze and solve problems
- work in teams and make group decisions
- use the Internet to communicate and research

The Special Species Project
Participate in or create your own collaborative projects related to living things.

Online Feeder Project

Miscellaneous Simulations


Crime Scene Evidence Files
Solve an international environmental crime by using modern investigation techniques. Caution... graphic crime scene photos here!

Coral Reef Fish Count
Conduct a Coral Reef fish survey, without getting wet!

Ecotourism Game

Eduweb Online Adventures

The Annenberg Exhibits Collection

National Geographic for Kids - Online Adventures - Interactive Adventures

KET Online Adventures




FunBrain - Words

BBC Language Arts Activities
Interactive, educational games and activities for all grade levels.

Funster Multiplayer Word Games
Learn new words and make new friends with Funster's multiplayer web word games.

Are you a budding composer, writer or artist looking for a place to publish your masterpiece? This site, created by Mountain Lake Software, Inc., offers kids the opportunity to submit their work online and also the chance to enter writing and art contests, and chat with others.

Jefferson County School Interactive Language Arts Sites

Internet4Classrooms Language Arts Skills Sites

Site for Teachers - Language Arts Sites

Interactive Web Sites - Reading and Language Arts

TeachNology Language Arts Sites

Woodlands Junior School - Interactive Literacy Activities for Kids

Great Sites for Use with the SmartBoard



Number Fun

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
A very impressive collection of Java manipul atives!

Shodor's Interactivate

Great Sites for Use with the SmartBoard

Multimedia Math Glossary

The Fractionator

A Tour of Fractions

FunBrain - Number Activities

S.O.S. Mathematics
This site has LOTS of math activities. Most are for High School, but the algebra area has lots of good activities on fractions. ­ Kids Math

A+ Math (Flash Cards, the Game Room, Homework Helper, and Worksheets)

The ArithmAttack (How many arithmetic problems can you answer in 60 seconds?)

Education 4 Kids Math Activities

Math Goodies

House of Math ­ Word Problems for Kids

QuickMath Automatic Math Solutions (for algebra and above)

AAA Math
This sight links to many, many math games. Appropriate for fifth grade.

CoolMath for kids
This "amusement park for math" makes learning fun. There are games to play that will sharpen your math skills as well as sections for teachers and parents.

Ohio MathWorks
Ohio Math Works is an interactive, multimedia project that shows students in grades 7, 8 and 9 how industry professionals use mathematics in their careers! Videos take students behind the scenes in companies and give students an opportunity to do the math-based tasks that are done by professionals on the job.



FunBrain - Culture

TIME for Kids - World News and Activities

Jefferson County Interactive Social Studies Sites

Social Studies Resources

Online Activities - Social Studies

Interactive Social Studies Sites

Mr. Nussbaum Interactive Social Studies

Internet4Classrooms Social Studies Activities

Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government



Simple Machines used in cars
An article with a great description of simple machines and several examples of how they are used.
Special thanks to Mrs. Ashford's Science Club students for sharing!

Intel Education Resources-STEM
A large collection of interactive science activities. 

High School Science Interactives
A large collection of interactive science pages.

A fascination site that allows you to explore the bones that make up the skeletons of a variety of different mammals.

Cells Alive!
Lots of great 9-12 activities!

Nova Interactives Archive
A large collection.

Famous Experiments and the Scientisys that Earned Nobel Prizes for them

Woods Hole - Great Images and More

Java Applet Library for Chemistry, Physics, Math...
Another large collection, divided into science subjects (great resources for 9-12)

Crest Capital - Motion Energy and Simple Machines
A large collection of interactive activities.

NASA For Kids Only - Games
NASA's not just for grown-ups anymore! Kids of all ages are invited to find out how NASA studies air, natural hazards, land, and water. Visitors can explore phenomena such as tropical twisters, air pressure, plate tectonics, and more.

Science Experiments for Kids

The Virtual Body
Try out these interactive puzzles and tutorials.

The Breathing Earth
A great interactive page for learning about the CO2 emmisions, birth rates, and death rates of all the countries.
Spend some time looking around here. YOu will besurprised at the number of activities and resources.

Access Excellence Mysteries
Mysteries to solve while students learn/apply science knowledge. And here are a few more science mysteries:

Evolution Lessons
Virtual age dating and understanding geological time.

Dolan DNA Learning Center

Learn Genetics (University of Utah) A nice collection of animated and interactive tutorials. 

Cell Size and Scale
A great example (from the above site) of a really engaging interactive learning page.

Becoming Human
Human evolution simulations and lesson plans.

Secret Worlds - The Universe Within

Explorations Through Time
A series of interactive modules that explore the history of life on Earth.

NASA/MSU-Bozeman CERES Project Educational Activities
For k-12 (there are 5 for k-4). Longer inquiry-type activities. Astronomy-oriented. They use web sites but they are not simple online applications.

TryScience (lots of interactive experiments, field trips, live cams, etc.)

FunBrain ­ Universe (Science activities)

Sandlot Science
This one has lots of great optical illusions! Includes explanations of all of them. The reason this is better than an optical illusion BOOK, is that many of these are interactive!

Exploratorium: the museum of science and art

Froguts Virtual Frog Dissection

Soda Constructor
At this site students can construct things out of masses, springs, and muscles. A series of problem-solving activities.

The Particle Adventure
Interactive tour of the inner workings of the atom and the tools for discovery.

Educational Web Adventures

Cool Science for Curious Kids

Hands-on Science Centers

The Reconstructors
Requires Flash plugin. Interactive game in which you look at history of pain relievers, etc.

Nothing quite captures a child's attention like a good science experiment. That's why more than 400 science learning institutions contributed experiments to this site. Children and adults alike can participate virtually online or use household items offline.

Ranger Rick's kid zone
Grades 2 - 5. Kids of all ages are sure to find something interesting to do at this National Wildlife Federation site. Games, riddles, and online tours of various natural environments such as wetlands and national parks are just some of the resources available at this site. Check out the Reader's Corner to read some popular online children's magazines such as Ranger Rick and Your Big Backyard.

This site is a good starting place for learning pages related to all areas of science. Click on the Space, Earth, Life, Physical, and Technology links on the left to get started.

Woodlands Science Zone - Interactive Science Games
Another large collection.

Science Netlinks Tools Index
A huge collection, divided by grade range. Scroll down to find the grade level you need.

Internet4Classrooms Science Activities

Engineering Interact (Science and Engineering)

Science Tests and Resources
Be sure to scroll down and look at the links in all of the specific science categories.

Jefferson County Schools - Interactive Science Sites

Interactive Whiteboard Resources - Science

TeachNology - Science Sites for Students

Interactive Science and Math Sites

The Biology Project

HHMIs BioInteractive

This Old Habitat
Visit habitats and learn about ecology.

SmartBoard Activites for the classroom

TryScience Activities

Iowa State University Entomology Gallery

Molecular Expressions Protozoa Movies

Smithsonian Exploring the Planets

Planet Impact!

Galaxy Hunter

Black Holes

Inner Body

Interactive Weather Maker

Bitesize Science

Devices of Wonder

Biology in Motion

EdHeads - Activate your Mind

Life Cycle SmartBoard Interactive Lessons (plants, froogs, and humans) Science Lab

The Physics Classroom

Jefferson Lab Science Education


SmartBoard Lessons and Activities

Interactive Tools for SmartBoard

Interactive Class Timer

more to come!