Grant Writing Resources for Teachers

Presentation Handout (22-page guide to writing winning grants!)

The following list of resources is just a starting point. There are thousands of grants out there available. You can find them by searching the web for school grant, teacher grants, and other relevant keywords.

Grant-writing Tips and One-stop Resources:

Grant Wrangler

This is a fairly up-to-date collection of grant sources.


Although this site is rather outdated, some of the grants listed here are still being offered, so you can try clicking their links to see if the programs still exist.

eSchool News Funding Center

Visit the School Technology Funding Center often. This up-to-the-minute list of grant programs and new funding sources can help you locate those hard-to-find technology dollars.

Fundraising and Grant Resources for Tech Integration

Fundsnet Services Online: Education and Literacy Grants

A fairly large collection of funding sources for education.

LibrarySpot – Getting Grants – Finding Funding Sources Online

Another good one-stop spot, with grant writing tutorials and access to funding programs.

A Proposal Writing Short Course, from the Foundation Center's website.

This is a good summary of grant writing skills. It would be worth your time to work your way through this site.

Writing a Successful Grant Proposal

The School Funding Center

This one is a pay service, but you can search their database for free.

A Grant Seeker’s Guide to the Internet: Revised and Revisited

An article on this topic, with lots of links to resources important to grant writers.

Grants Alert

Technology School Grants

Grants 4 Teachers

Grants4Teachers Blog

Music Education Grants

Corporate or Foundation Grants

ING Unsung Heroes Grants

Sprint Character Education Grant Program

Foundation Center

This is the big one, with links to many, many resources!

Toyota Tapestry Grants

The TAPESTRY grant program is the largest grant program for science teachers. One of the few national grant programs for individual teachers. Grants are $10,000 each.

The Pepsi Refresh Project
is hosting a grants program focusing on health, arts and culture, food and shelter, the planet, neighborhoods, and education. Each month Pepsi funds projects ranging from $5,000 to $250,000.

Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Grant Program
Provides grants to schools, nature centers, or other non-profit educational organizations for the purpose of establishing outdoor learning centers. Funds will be provided only for the purchase of native plants and seed.

Grants for Music Education
The ASCAP Foundation considers proposals from organizations engaging in music education and talent development programs that support music education for aspiring songwriters and composers. 

The Fender Music Foundation - Music Grants

The Qwest Foundation - Technology for Education Grants

American Honda Foundation

The Arthur Vining Davis Foundation - Secondary Education Grants


The Captain Planet Foundation

Vernier/NSTA: Technology Awards
promote the innovative use of data-collection technology using a computer, graphing calculator, or other handheld device in the science classroom.

State Farm Companies Foundation Education Grants

Dollar General Literacy Foundation

Actuarial Foundation: Advancing Student Achievement Grants
The Actuarial Foundation Advancing Student Achievement grant program brings together actuaries and educators in local classrooms with the belief that interaction with real-world mentors will boost student interest and achievement in math.

Pay It Forward Mini-Grants for Service-Oriented Projects for Youths

Lowe's Toolbox for Education Grant

RGK Foundation Education Grants

Motorola Community Grants

NCTM Math Grants and Awards

The Toshiba America Foundation

Another source of small grants ($4,000 to $10,000) for individual teacher science programs.

Motorola Foundation

Kinder Morgan Foundation Education Grants

Welches Harvest Grants

Kids in Need Foundation

National Weather Association Grants

 Verizon Foundation

 Carol White Physical Education Program

 Nickelodeon Big Help Grants

NEA Foundation Student Achievement Grants

NEA Learning & Leadership Grants

Federal and Other National Grant Resources:

Environmental Education Grants

NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education

These are small national-level grants that you can really get! The NEA’s grant programs are some of the very few national grant programs that have grants for individual teachers, or small groups of teachers.

National Endowment for the Humanities Grants

NEH administers several large grant programs. Look particularly at the Schools for a New Millennium program (using technology to teach humanities).

Applying for Federal Grants

This website provides a single online information portal to Federal Grant opportunities.

Federal Register

In order to keep current with the continually changing federal grant scene, you may wish to periodically check the Federal Register, the government's "daily newspaper." It lists notices of legal rules and regulations, and application deadlines for new grant programs from federal agencies.

Grantmaking at ED

The information provided at this site is a non-technical summary of the Department of Education's discretionary grants process and the laws and regulations that govern it.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

Most federal agencies have some type of grantmaking program. While there is no single source of information about all government grants, this is the most complete federal grant reference source.

U.S. Department of Education/Office of Educational Technology grants page