Educational Video Sharing Sites

The following sites contain videos that have educational content. These are video sharing sites, so keep in mind that you may encounter some that are not very useful, and perhaps some that are not school appropriate. In fact, many of these sites may be blocked by Internet filters in a school district, but these are sites that are geared specifically for offering educational videos. These can be useful for parents helping with homework at home, or for teachers to find useful videos that they can download to their computer, bring them to school, and play for the students in class.

Video Sharing Sites with Educational Content:
These sites are designed specifically to share videos that are educational and appropriate for K-12 students.

Khan Academy
This non-profit organization provides about 2000 instructional videos in Math, Science, History, Finance, and Test Prep.



Teachers Domain (PBS Videos!)

School Tube

Teacher Zone
The most comprehensive library of math video lessons on the planet!

Math Tube


Science Tube

Untamed Science


Kids Know It Network

The Futures Channel


iTunes U (this site has an introduction, but iTunes U requires iTunes on Mac or PC)

Schools Tube (yes, this is different than the one above)

Next Vista for Learning

How Stuff Works

School Wax TV

Nibipedia (this is what you would get if you combined Wikipedia and YouTube - a video for every entry!)

DotSub (good resource for foreign language teachers, ESL/EFL teachers, and teachers of students with hearing impairments)

The following three sites have videos of experts discussing important current issues:

Big Think

TED - Ideas Worth Spreading


The following two sites have large collections of professionally-produced programs:

Hulu (a great source for TV news shows, TV shows and movie clips)

Snag Films (collections of documentaries from producers like National Geographic)

The following sites have much of the same content that can be seen on their television stations:

The History Channel

The Discover Channel

CNN Student News