Using Wireless Keyboards in the Classroom

Keyborad         Keyboard

Do you want your students to interact with the content you are displaying with your projector? Don't have an interactive whiteboard (SmartBoard)? Or perhaps you have an interactive whiteboard, but you don't want to use valuable class time having students get out of their chairs and walk back and forth to interact with it? Then just pass around a wireless keyboard with a trackpad. More of your students can be actively engaged this way!

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Below are a few interactive web sites to give you ideas for how your students can be actively engaged in the content being displayed with your projector.

Interactivate: Estimator
Big Online Calculator
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Grades 6-8

Communication Arts
Spelling Play
Punctuation Campground

Dynamic Periodic Table
Your Age on Other Worlds

Social Studies
Interactive World Map
Google Maps