Board of Education

"Believe, Achieve, Succeed"

School Board Meeting Guest Information

Members of the Board of Education 
Dr. Scott Chenault, President
Mr. Matt Sergent, Vice-President   
Mr. Gary Grigsby, Treasurer
Ms. Jodi Norman, Board Secretary
Dr. Julie Lewis, Member
Mr. Tom McCormack, Member
Dr. Shannon Bridgmon, Member
Mr. Justin Johnson, Member

Dr. Andy Kohl, Superintendent
Dr. Troy Marnholtz, Assistant Superintendent, Support Services
Dr. John Finnane, Assistant Superintendent, Student Services

The purpose of this page is to explain some of the operational procedures of the R-VI School Board meetings.

Minutes of previous meetings and agenda(s) are available on the district website under Board Meeting Notices (May 2022 or earlier) and Board Meeting Minutes (May 2022 or earlier) or upon request to the board secretary. Current Board Meeting Notices and Minutes are located on the website under Board Meeting Notices and Minutes (June 2022 or later).  Board agendas are posted in the district office, local school buildings, on the district website, and sent to local news media the Friday prior to the Tuesday meeting. 

Regular monthly board meetings are typically held the third Tuesday of each month with a few exceptions due to holidays, etc. (schedule attached below).  Executive session begins at 5:30pm with open session following at 6:00pm unless otherwise specified in the publicized notice of the meeting.   Please check Board Meeting Notices and Minutes (June 2022 or later) on the website by clicking on meetings at top right of the screen, select appropriate meeting date to check notices to verify location and time for board meeting.

At the top of each agenda is a Zoom link that will allow members of the public to attend virtually if they so choose.

The agenda for a board meeting is prepared several days in advance of the meeting. Board members receive their copy of the agenda and associated information prior to the meeting providing time for adequate study and preparation.

All Board of Education meetings will be presided over by the Board President with the primary purpose of conducting the business of the Board in a responsible and expeditious manner. Information on Public Participation can be found here and in Board Policy BDDH

The daily operations of the R-VI School District are governed by the Board Policy and district regulations. The school board is the policy making body for the Warrensburg R-VI Schools. Laws enacted by the Missouri General Assembly and regulations of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education also govern district operations. The school board is responsible for the establishment of goals, programs, and procedures that will serve to improve student achievement in the district, within the scope of available resources. The school board fulfills these responsibilities by formulating policy for the district and delegating policy implementation and operational responsibilities to administrators, faculty and staff.

Board Membership

Members of the Board of Education must be citizens of the United States and resident taxpayers of the district. They also must have resided in the state for one year preceding their election and must be at least 24 years of age. Members are elected to a three year term and serve without compensation. 

Telephone Numbers

Maple Grove


Ridge View


Martin Warren




Middle School


High School


Career Center


Reese School


Parents as Teachers


School Age Child Care Center


Solving Problems

Issues and concerns may arise as your child progresses through his/her education. Problems should be referred to those closest to and most responsible for the issues. Under most circumstances the classroom teacher is able to address concerns. Problems that require additional intervention should then be presented to the building administrator. If further assistance is needed, concerns may be presented to the proper central office administrator. For more information regarding the school district call or visit the district office at 201 S. Holden Street, (660) 747-7823 or Fax (660) 747-9615.

Administrative Team

Central Office
Dr. Andy Kohl, District Superintendent
Dr. Troy Marnholtz, Assistant Superintendent Support Services
Dr. John Finnane, Assistant Superintendent Student Services
Ms. Shelbie Dalton, Executive Director of Special Programs
Ms. Susan Crooks, Executive Director of Academic Services
Ms. Karen Malsy, Health Services
Ms. Liz Tarr, Food Service Director
Mr. Lyle Kreisel, Facilities

Ms. Melissa Marnholtz, Principal of Ridge View Elementary, District's north side primary elementary school (PK-2) 
Ms. Jennifer Fox, Assistant Principal of Ridge View
Ms. Angela Grammer, Principal of Sterling Elementary, District's north side intermediate elementary school (3-5)
Mr. Jason Abner, Assistant Principal of Sterling 
Ms. Trudy Fleeman, Principal of Maple Grove Elementary, District's south side primary elementary school (PK-2)
Dr. Ashley Klein, Assistant Principal of Maple Grove
Dr. Lorna Cassell, Principal of Martin Warren Elementary, District's south side intermediate elementary school (3-5)
Ms. Beth Tiller, Assistant Principal of Martin Warren

Mr. James Elliott, Principal of the Middle School, (6-8)
Ms. Melissa Lightfoot, Assistant Principal of the Middle School
Mr. Brandon Figg, Assistant Principal of the Middle School
Dr. Bret Pummill, Principal of the High School, (9-12)
Dr. Holly Jennings, Assistant Principal of the High School
Ms. Sara Kenepp-Chapman, Assistant Principal of the High School
Mr. Keith Chapman, District Activities Director
Ms. Susan Osborn, Director of Reese Educational Center
Mr. Rusty Sproat, Director of Warrensburg Area Career Center

District Profile

The annual operating budget for the Warrensburg R-VI School District is in excess of thirty-six million dollars. The district operates four elementary schools, a middle school, a high school, an area career center, and Gateway Educational Center.

The Warrensburg School District enrolls approximately 3,400 students Pre-K-12, encompasses 121 square miles, employs over 300 certified staff, and over 200 non-certified personnel. District personnel take pride in their work and in their part of the total educational program in the community.

WHS A+ Designated Gold Rating from Expansion Management Magazine Accredited with Distinction in Performance 1998-99, 2001-02 , 2003-04, 2004-05, 2006-07 , 2007 -08 , 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 , 2012-13