Educational Links

Essential Web Resources
Check out these great web resources, used by Warrensburg students and teachers!
Web Sites used by
Warrensburg Teachers:

Sites for Free Clipart Images
Sites for Free Photographs
(a picture is worth 1,000 words... get 'em all at these sites!)

Tools to Make Teaching Easier
Simple tools for those little everyday tasks (timers, name pickers, dice rollers, puzzle makers, and more)

Using Wireless Keyboards in the Classroom
Get your students engaged in the content you are displaying with your projector without a SmartBoard!

Tutorials for Creative Multimedia Projects
(MS Word documents with instructions for a variety of cool digital projects)

Create Online Learning Activities
A variety of sites where you can create online learning activies with your own curriculum content. Create flashcards, hangman, word puzzles, and much more.

Presenting with Prezi
Prezi is a fascinating alternative to PowerPoint!

Create Mind Mapping Activities
A wide variety of sites where you and your students can create all kinds of graphic organizers online.

Tutorials for Web Page Authoring
(A variety of text and video tutorials for creating web pages with Mozilla Composer)

Educational Video Sharing Sites
(Great sites with collections of school-appropriate videos!)

Creating Online Story Books
(These sites allow students to be creative and make their own storybooks to be printed or shared online)

Interactive Geography Games and Maps
(These sites provide engaging map quizzes and games and allow you to create your own map quiz games)

Using Google Maps in Education
(A variety of examples and links to tutorials on using this amazing site)

Grant Writing Resources for Teachers
(A list of links to collections of grant funding opportunities)

Creative PowerPoint Activities
(Game templates and much more)

Digital Camera and Video Lesson Ideas
(Sites with collections of class lessons involving digital imaging)

Sites with Interactive Learning Activities
(a HUGE list of various interactive sites)

Useful Links for SmartBoards
(Lots of lesson plan ideas, templates, and even videos)

Locating Educational Web Resources
(the fastest, easiest ways to locate what you need!)

Homework Help Sites
(These amazing research sites are great for teachers as well as students!)

Teaching with the Internet
(specific learning activities, such as treasure hunts, simulations, WebQuests, iAdventures, etc.)

Sites for Technology Integration Lesson Plans
(Thousands of ideas for integrating technology into the curriculum)

Sites Providing Data and Primary Resources
(the REAL power of the Internet, these sources can be used to create great inquiry activities)

"Safe Surfing" Sites for Children
(filtered, pre-selected, safe for the younger students!)

Locating Keypals for Students
(your students can collaborate with other from around the world)

Ask-an-Expert sites

Stan's Awesome Web Site of the Day Archive
(one per day... all educational, all awesome!)

Moe's W.O.W.
(More cool stuff)