WTEACH ListServe

The group list [email protected] has been provided for non-school related communications. Please see below for the list of acceptable and unacceptable uses of WTEACH.
Things you CAN use WTEACH for:
  1. Selling or giving away items that you own. Please limit the number of items you’re selling to a reasonable amount.
  2. Looking for items.
  3. Advertising for upcoming events that you are involved with (garage sales, community events, charitable events, etc).
  4. Advertising for school-related fundraising.
Things you CANNOT use WTEACH for:
  1. Selling commercial products (Mary Kay, Partylite, Scentsy, etc.)
  2. Advertising for or recommending businesses.
  3. Directly fundraising for your child. This includes Girl Scout Cookies, Boy Scout Popcorn and other items that your child sells throughout the year.
Please remember when replying to a WTEACH email, you should reply directly to the sender of the email, NOT to the entire group.

To subscribe to the WTEACH ListServe, send an email to: [email protected]