August 13, 2016

Thank you volunteers!

Behind every great community program you will find great volunteers. Many retired teachers, friends and students are volunteers at the Teachers' Warehouse of Johnson County.

Volunteers work every Tuesday from 9am to noon year round.

December 2017 Volunteers

Rhonda Poe 
Mary DeVries
Sue Feldman
Bobbie Erickson
Wendy Bernier
Mavis Poynter 
Connie Baldwin
Tim Poe
Pam Owings
Debbie Wilson
Mary Shuster
Jan Crouch
Donna Roberts
Austin Poynter
Emily Poynter 

The Teachers' Warehouse of Johnson County is sponsored by: Teachers' Warehouse 501c-3, Warrensburg R6 School District and Arwood's Furniture & Gifts.