FOCUS ON TECHNOLOGY - Project Engagement
ECEL 5000 SP: Focus on Inst Technology
June 4 to June 15, 2012 (12:30 pm to 5:00 pm, M, T, W, Th, F)


This graduate credit class is specifically designed for teachers in the Warrensburg School district who are interested in learning about and mastering the use of a classroom projector along with a variety of interactive technology software and tools to engage students.

So you don't have a computer for every student in your classroom, and sometimes scheduling the computer lab is tough.  If you have a projector, though, you've got power!  What can you do with a projector in your classroom?  What tools can you use with your projector to get your students actively engaged in your curriculum?   And how can a projector help you teach higher-level thinking skills to your students?  In this class we will focus on inventive ways to enhance your teaching with your projector.

This class is appropriate for teachers of all technology skill levels (although you must have a projector connected to your classroom computer to benefit from the class). 

This class is an opportunity to earn THREE HOURS OF GRADUATE CREDIT from UCM for ONE-THIRD THE REGULAR PRICE.  It is also an opportunity to enhance your teaching with cutting edge technology tools, software, and Web 2.0 resources.

Who should sign up for this class?

  • Any teacher who would like to make the most of a one-projector and one-computer classroom.
  • Any teacher who wants to effectively integrate technology but finds it difficult to get access to a computer lab.
  • Any teacher who would like to engage students with cutting-edge tools such as a wireless keyboard and iPad.
  • Any teacher who would like to begin next school year with technology-infused lessons ready to implement in the classroom. 
  • Any teacher who would like to earn graduate credit for a fraction of the normal cost, and in a supportive, energetic setting.
  • Any teacher who has some time in June and would like to do something productive with that time.

What will we do in this class?

This class is designed to help you become proficient at creating engaging whole-class lessons in which the focus of the learning is centered on the content being projected on your classroom wall.  You will learn to create technology-facilitated authentic, problem-based lessons in a one-computer, one-projector classroom (computer lab NOT required!!).  The class will be divided into the following topics:

Topic 1:  Using your computer (connected to your projector) and existing software and Web 2.0 sites to engage your students.
Topic 2:  Using a wireless keyboard for hands-on student engagement.
Topic 3:  Using an iPad (connected to your computer) and some of the thousands of available apps to engage your students.

Will this class be "hard"?

This is a 3-credit graduate class, compressed into only two weeks.  Therefore it will be intensive and stimulating.  You should not try to take another class or teach summer school at the same time.  But any teacher with some previous experience with technology will be able to handle the class (assuming you do not try to schedule other things during the two weeks).  Advanced teachers will find it very stimulating.  But no one will be left behind, because lessons will be structured so that the basics are always covered first.

A  graduate class should be stimulating, and not a waste of your valuable time. You will work hard, but you will walk away from the class with many new skills and ready-to-use lessons!  The class will be limited to EIGHT participants, and there will be two facilitators on hand to provide the one-on-one support you need.

How much does the class cost?

The tuition is $104.20 per graduate credit hour!  So for THREE hours of graduate credit you will pay $312.60.  This is ONE THIRD of the normal cost for graduate credit.

How will this class benefit me?

In addition to the obvious skills and lessons you develop, you will receive three graduate credit hours (which you can use to advance on the district salary schedule).  You will also receive several technology tools to help you implement your new lessons in your classroom (the tools, including a wireless keyboard and iPad, will go onto your classroom inventory and will be available for you to use as long as you teach at your current school).

When does the class meet? How long does it last?

The class will meet 4.5 hours per day (12:30 pm to 5:00 pm), on ten different days (45 hours total). Here are the specific dates of the ten class sessions:
Monday June 4, Tuesday, June 5, Wednesday, June 6, Thursday, June 7, Friday, June 8
Monday June 11, Tuesday June 12, Wednesday June 13, Thursday June 14, Friday, June 15

Okay, I want to make the most of my one-projector classroom!  What do I do?

The class will be filled when we have confirmed enrollment for EIGHT teachers. The teachers must make a very strong commitment to attending, and they must show significant interest in the intended purpose of the class.

To sign up, send us an email with the following three descriptions:

  1. Explain why you feel that this graduate class is right for you.  Are you seriously interested in making the most of your classroom projector for lessons that engage your students?
  2. Explain the current technology situation in your classroom and school.  This class is designed for teachers who sometimes feel frustrated by having limited access to computers.
  3. How committed are you to taking this class (up to 100%). A high number indicates that you are positive that you will have the time between June 4 and June 15 to engage yourself in a stimulating graduate-level course. If you are taking another class during that time, or have to miss one or more days due to other commitments, then a graduate course is probably not a good idea for you at this time.

The eight participants will be selected based upon the strength of the three explanations described above.

Stan Smith
Instructional Technology Coordinator
Monique Agueros
Instructional Technology Facilitator