Cellular Treasure Hunt
An Internet Treasure Hunt on Plant and Animal Cells


An Internet treasure hunt involves searching the Internet for valuable nuggets of information. In this hunt, you will explore questions about the cells and their differences. Your clues will be found within the web sites listed below the questions. Search your clues carefully to discover the wondrous treasures of cells and why they are important!

Your Tasks

  1. Copy the questions on paper or in your journal. Below each question, leave space to write the answer.
  2. Search each web site to find the answers to the questions. Write them under the questions.
  3. For each answer, name the source of your information (web site).
  4. When you have found the answers to all the questions, discuss the Talk It Over questions with your research buddy or someone else who is working on this Treasure Hunt.
  5. If you were a plant or animal cell, what would you tell each other about your importance in sustaining life?  Your final task will be to create a cartoon to show your understanding of the cell parts and differences between an animal and plant from the cells' points of view.


1.  Draw a diagram illustrating the parts of an animal cell.

2.  Draw a diagram illustrating the parts of a plant cell.

3.  Identify the function of the cell parts diagrammed in question 1 and 2.

4.  Define and identify the differences between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.

5.  Identify the similarities and differences between plant and animal cells.

6.  Hypothesize what would happen if an animal had cell walls.

Clues (Web Sites)

Talk It Over

Now that you have discovered some of the treasures of the cell world, talk over your questions and answers with your table mates. 

Cells Speak Out!

Create a cartoon or puppet show of animal and plant cells. The cartoon must demonstrate your understanding of the cells parts and the differences between each type of cell.