In order to become a therapy dog, Cali had to complete extensive obedience training and socialization to all types of potentially scary things she might encounter during therapy visits. 

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Note: Text below the video, provides additional information. There is also a coloring sheet that describes how "Pets help us".  

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Students understand the importance of Cali immediately--her best attributes are the motivation and acceptance she gives others.  

Cali is 6.5 year-old yellow Labrador Retriever who works with Mrs. Sherri Rusch on a daily basis from August through May each year.  The 2011/2012 school year marks the start of Cali's fifth year as a therapy dog.

This video, which includes a mini language lesson with two meanings for the word "RULES," covers the following topics: a brief explanation of Cali's therapy dog registration process, proper protocol for interacting with Cali, and frequently asked questions. 

Hopefully Cali's video introduction will open doors to future interactions!  It really makes her day when people stop by and visit.  You can often find her near the main entrance of WHS or in room 93.

Cali not only has a knack for sensing people's emotional needs, but is also an extraordinary companion, teacher, and motivator.  Both children and adults find her compelling. Almost any interaction with Cali facilitates a conversation that opens the door to topics such as responsibilities, social skills and motivation.  She does it all without judgment and by avoiding awkward situations. 


(1) . . . to WHS Principal Simone Dillingham & the other great WHS administrators!  Their support and willingness to embrace new ideas opened the door to new and innovative ways of learning. 

(2) . . . to all of Cali's friends (big, little, teachers, students, staff, . . . )!  Your smiles make everyday so rewarding.

(3) . . . to the best dog trainer around, Bruce Pickett at Post Oak K-9.  After I finished Cali's basic obedience training, Bruce completed her advanced training.  During the month that Cali spent with Bruce, she really matured into a confident and dependable companion. He helped to make this dream a reality!  Thanks, Bruce ;D

(4) . . .  to  Stan & Monique at Wbg R6 PD for the great tech support--now any classroom can easily access information about Cali. 

>>> Marley & Me Quote <<<
"A dog has no use for big cars, fancy homes, or designer clothes.  A waterlogged stick will do just fine.  A dog doesn't care if you are rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give her your heart and she'll give you hers - how many people can you say that about?  How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special?  How many people can make you feel extraordinary?"  (John Grogan, Marley & Me)


A word from Mrs. Rusch: Cali is the world's best dog ;D - She is great because she loves everyone every day - she is a part of everyone of us.


Coloring Sheet & Handout about "How Pets Help Us."

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