Wellness Policy

District Wellness Policy & Committee

· The District Wellness Committee is composed of members from the following groups:

Parents, Students, School food authority, PE teachers, School health professionals, School board , School administrators & the general public

· The District Wellness Committee meets at least 4 times per year, usually once per quarter

· The full District Wellness Policy is available online at http://warrensburgr6.org/district_info/policies_and_regulations


If you are interested in serving on the Wellness Committee please contact Assistant Superintendent Michael Scott at (660)747-7823

Key Changes to Wellness Policies in 2017 Include:

· New rules around which foods are available to students outside of meals (Including Classroom Parties & In School Rewards)

· New guidance for marketing of foods and beverages at school

· Changes to how often schools need to report on their progress and who they need to involve in the process

· Improved guidance about monitoring and evaluation of policies

 View the full  Wellness Policy 2017