Warrensburg Educators’ Association 

Why Join?

WEA is the umbrella professional organization for Warrensburg R-VI staff. Leadership from the other major teacher organizations unite in WEA to provide your local representation with school administrators and the community.


Following are some of WEA’s activities:

  • represents you on the district Calendar Committee
  • coordinates the salary/compensations negotiations for teachers
  • assists with individual building Retirement Receptions for retiring staff who are WEA members
  • provides a $1000 and $500 scholarship to a graduating senior who will major in education
  • provides a $250 scholarship to a non-certified staff member who is furthering their education in the field of education
  • contributes to the local Future Teachers Association
  • acknowledges members during National Education Week & Teacher Appreciation Week
  • organizes and assists with district-wide social gatherings throughout the school year
  • contributes to Project Graduation
  • sponsors the School Board Forum


WEA coordinates and performs many other activities throughout the year. The annual dues of $15 for certified staff and $10 for non-certified staff are well spent.


WEA would love to have you join! See your building representative to get signed up.


Executive Officers:

President: Krystal Snell, WHS

Vice President: LuAnn Stillwell, WMS

Secretary: Tim Mills, Sterling

Treasurer: Nikki Richner, Ridge View

Membership: Angie Campbell, Ridge View

Media Relations: Amy Dapron, Ridge View/Maple Grove


Building Representatives:

Maple Grove: Susan Nelson

Ridgeview: Nikki Richner/Angie Campbell

Martin Warren: Jennifer Duncan 

Sterling: Tim Mills

Middle School: LuAnn Stillwell

High School: Susan Drake

WACC: John Crull

Reese: Krystal Knight

Non-Certified Staff: Luci Smith

Central Office: Scott Patrick

Calendar Committee:

Chair: Michael Scott, Central Office

Maple Grove: Ramona Baldwin

Ridge View: Colleen Bane

Martin Warren: Brandi Mills

Sterling: Melissa Larimore

Middle School:Pat Turner

High School: Matt Bax

Reese: Leslie Brown

WACC: Luci Smith

Non-Certified: Luci Smith

Compensation Committee:

Chair: Dan Richner

Maple Grove: Madison Whitworth

Ridgeview: Christa Collins

Martin Warren: Kelly Workman

Sterling: Tim Mills

Reese: Krystal Knight

Middle School: Mary Burgess

High School: Dan Richner

WACC: Robert Mannering

Non-Certified: Luci Smith

Central Office: Andy Kohl

* If interested contact Amy Dapron or your building representative