Counseling Curriculum

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Counseling Curriculum

The Warrensburg R-VI Professional School Counselors incorporate specific counseling activities and/or lessons that have been developed by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and are available to all school counselors.  This curriculum is presented systematically through classroom and group activities, kindergarten through grade twelve.  The purpose of the counseling curriculum is to assist students in their acquisition of competencies which promote academic achievement, positive mental health, and life career skills. 

The Counseling Curriculum is organized around the following three strands:  Academic Development, Career Exploration, and Planning, and Personal and Social Development. Specific student competencies to be addressed in the Warrensburg R-VI School District are identified by the Missouri Comprehensive School Counseling Needs Survey, administered every three years.

While it is the responsibility of school counselors to organize and implement the counseling curriculum, the cooperation and support of the entire staff and administration is necessary for its successful implementation.  Examples of topics covered include:  listening skills, decision making, goal setting, test taking skills, community workers, career path exploration, interest inventories, educational planning, self-awareness, personal safety, conflict resolution, bully proofing, positive self-image, diversity awareness, and responsible citizenship. 

Following are the recommended time allocations for the implementation of the School Counseling Curriculum:

  • Elementary          35-45%
  • Middle School       25-35%
  • High School          15-25%