Program Framework & Organization

Program Framework

School counseling is a Board of Education approved educational program in the Warrensburg R-VI School District.  It is developmental by design and includes sequential activities, K-12.  The Program is organized and implemented by professional school counselors in close collaboration with parents, teachers, and administrators.  As a developmental program, it addresses the counseling needs of all students in the District by facilitating and enhancing their academic, career, and personal and social development as well as helping to create positive and safe learning environments.  At the same time, the Program assists students as they face issues and resolve problems that may hinder their healthy development.  The Warrensburg R-VI Comprehensive Counseling Program activities and services are delivered through the following four Program components:

  • Counseling Curriculum – large structured group and classroom presentations
  • Individual Student Planning – appraisal, educational and occupational planning, and placement
  • Responsive Services – individual counseling, small group counseling, consultation, and referral
  • System Support – program management, fair-share responsibilities, professional development, staff and community relations, consultation, committee participation, community outreach, and research and development 

Program Organization

At the four Elementary Schools, the Warrensburg R-VI Comprehensive School Counseling Program promotes successful schooling by assisting students in learning the skills and attitudes necessary to be successful.  The Program emphasizes decision-making skill development and awareness and beginning exploration of future educational and occupational possibilities.  The Program also stresses self-concept development and the acquisition skills in developing interpersonal relationships.

At the Middle School, the Warrensburg R-VI Comprehensive School Counseling Program focuses on the rapidly changing needs of young adolescents.  The Program is especially sensitive to the struggles of middle school students’ search for identity- balancing the demands for academic, career, and social competence.  The Program emphases at the elementary level are continued but are adjusted to fit the needs of the middle school students.  In addition, the beginning stages for students’ Personal Plans of Study are developed. 

Building on the goals of the elementary and middle school, the Warrensburg R-VI Comprehensive School Counseling Program at the High School and Career Center assists students in becoming responsible adults who can develop realistic and fulfilling life plans based on a clear understanding of themselves and their needs, interests, and skills.  The Personal Plan of Study developed in middle school is reviewed and updated periodically in accordance with students’ post-graduation educational and occupational goals.  Continued attention is given to assisting students to develop competence in decision-making, career-planning, working with others, and taking responsibility for their own behavior.