Treasure Hunt Qualities

What is an Internet Treasure Hunt?
In its simplest form, a treasure hunt is a list of questions, with links to web sites that provide the answers. Of course, the quality of the activity increases as you increase the quality of your questions, and of the web resources that students visit.

How do you create an Internet Treasure Hunt?
1. Come up with a list of questions that are related to your content area and that require higher-level thinking and problem solving.
2. Find web sites that provide information students need to formulate quality answers or solutions.
3. Combine these questions and web links on a web page, provide some instructions and structure to guide the students to the desired final outcomes, and upload your web page to a web server.

What are the characteristics of a great Internet Treasure Hunt? (IMPORTANT!)

1. Questions that require extensive research and problem solving (it should not resemble questions at the end of a textbook chapter). IMPORTANT: People often forget this, and then I have to suggest that they go back and add some open-ended questions that require more thought!
2. Web resources that go beyond simple text information and that take advantage of the strengths of the web (data that is updated frequently, primary documents not available in print form, multimedia content and activities). You aren't just linking to encyclopedia-like text sites are you? Force students to use sites that REALLY take advantage of the power of the Web.
3. Activities built into the treasure hunt that require students to synthesize and apply all the information they have gathered, or requires them to create a product that accomplishes this. This is that culminating activity where students apply what they learned, as I discussed above… VERY important! Check out the Tropical Treasure Hunt again if you are not sure what I mean:

Tropical Treasure Hunt
Very simple design, but note how the students are required to bring together all that they learned in this treasure hunt at the end to create a final product.