The Resources element addresses the human, financial and political resources that support the program. 

The human resources of the Warrensburg R-VI Comprehensive Guidance Program includes professional school counselors, teachers, administrators, social workers, parent/guardians, students, community members and business partners – all have roles to play in the guidance and counseling program.  Although school counselors coordinate the program and are the main providers of guidance and counseling services, the involvement, cooperation, and support of teachers and administrators are necessary for a successful program that offers a full array of guidance and counseling activities. 

The financial resource categories required for the Warrensburg R-VI Comprehensive Guidance Program include budget, materials, equipment, and facilities.  A budget for the guidance and counseling program is needed to fund items in these categories and then allocate those funds across the building and grade levels of the district.  Materials and equipment are needed so that the guidance and counseling activities across the four program components can be fully implemented.  Well-designed guidance and counseling facilities in each building organized to meet the needs of the guidance and counseling program are also required.

The political resource of the Warrensburg R-VI Comprehensive Guidance Program includes school board policies; pertinent state and federal laws, rules, and regulations; local school district administrative guidelines; and professional association position statements and ethical standards.  Clear and concise board of education policies are mandatory for the successful operation of comprehensive guidance and counseling programs in school districts.  They represent statements of support and courses of action or guiding principles designed to influence and determine decisions in school districts.