October 26, 2017 
Wow, I forgot what day it was yesterday! So, you're getting the Website of the Week a day late.
If you sometimes forget what day it is, too, especially what celebratory day it is (today is National Pumpkin Day, by the way), this week's site can help you out.
What National Day Is It is a database of days reflecting the current popular holidays across social media. According to the site, they use data-mining and natural text analysis to work out which national days have the highest significance online.
Each day links to information about how many people considered the day as well as a bit of background of the significance of the day.
Note: Because most of the info is gathered from social media, the days listed may not have any historical significance or count as "official" holidays and/or days of recognition. And of course not all of the topics may be appropriate for a school setting, so you may want to search outside of class and only project the relevant ideas. It is neat, though, to see what other people deem popular!
Happy National Pumpkin Day!
Posted by moagueros On 26 October, 2017 at 11:09 AM  7 Comments

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