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To post your HHC survey results, click on Survey Results above.  Leave a comment.   Fill in Guest Name with your name.   Fill in Title with your Hazardous Household Chemical.   Fill in Comment with your survey results.  Be sure to include percentages.   Click that you are not a robot.   Click submit.
Posted by ccoombs  On Apr 03, 2018 at 11:50 AM 14 Comments
Wow, it's Opening Day! The Royals have been kicking up their heels for 50 years-- if you'd like to kick it up a notch with virtual assignments complete with progress monitoring and custom feedback, this week's site is for you. Classkick is an online portal and mobile device app that allows you to personalize your lessons and monitor student work in real time to "kickstart student learning." The Classkick community is supportive with a comprehensive help center, ready-made lessons, resource handouts, and, of course, sticker templates. Happy Kicking and Go Royals!
Posted by moagueros  On Mar 29, 2018 at 10:13 AM 44 Comments
Reading:  A Wrinkle in Time--Chapter 9 for Thursday Spelling:  Pretest today.  New word list went home today. Math:  We did Star test and worked on TenMarks. Science:  We are working on a powerpoint for characteristics of living things. Social Studies:  Getting ready for Western Expansion
Posted by dlawson  On Mar 28, 2018 at 5:15 PM 20 Comments
Math:  Any math your student brings home is late work. Spelling:  NO spelling this week. Reading:  Chapter 8, A Wrinkle in Time Social Studies:  Several students did NOT turn in Week 11 of geography homework.  If your child still has week 11, please make sure they complete it and hand it in when they get back from spring break.
Posted by dlawson  On Mar 16, 2018 at 4:07 PM 9 Comments
Wow, what a Genius! Stephen Hawking has passed, but his legacy certainly lives on. Last year, PBS aired a special series called GENIUS. Commissioned by PBS with National Geographic as its international broadcast partner, the series was presented and narrated by Hawking. In each episode, a different group of ordinary people were challenged to think like the greatest scientific minds in history in order to solve some of humanity’s most enduring questions. The GPB Media blog has lesson ideas to go with each episode as well as lesson plans to learn more about Hawking's life and achievements. Even if you do not have the DVD, here are several previews and resources to promote thinking and discussions: Happy Pi Day, and RIP Stephen Hawking!
Posted by moagueros  On Mar 14, 2018 at 2:55 PM 24 Comments
Math--Workbook pages 157, 158 Reading:  Chapter 6 of  A Wrinkle In Time Spelling:  Test today Writing:  Research Report on Revolutionary War Battle
Posted by dlawson  On Mar 14, 2018 at 10:43 AM 8 Comments
Math:  Reteach packet #2 Spelling:  Proofreading sheet, test on Wednesday Writing:  Research on Revolutionary War Battle (working on in class) Reading:  Chapter 2 of  A Wrinkle in Time, due Wednesday Science:  Test on Earth's Systems on Friday.
Posted by dlawson  On Mar 05, 2018 at 5:31 PM 8 Comments
Spelling:  Analogy sheet Reading:  Chapter 1 of A Wrinkle in Time, and 20 minutes a night Math:  We are working on word problems in class with multiplication of fractions. Science:  Clouds and atmosphere sheet.
Posted by dlawson  On Mar 02, 2018 at 4:09 PM 15 Comments
Reading:  20 minutes a night Spelling:  New list today Science:  cloud and layers of the atmosphere sheet A Wrinkle of Time:  Chapter 1 by Monday
Posted by dlawson  On Mar 01, 2018 at 4:31 PM 20 Comments
Reading:  20 minutes
Posted by dlawson  On Feb 28, 2018 at 6:15 PM 86 Comments
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